A downloadable game for Windows

A 2D demake inspired by Mario Odyssey, collect all the powermoons!
Made in 6 days for #gbjam and #demakejam

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Install instructions

Just open the .exe in the folder. Been a while since I exported a monogame project, let me know if something's wrong!


F1 : Toggle fullscreen
ESC : Settings
(gbjam version) F2 : Toggle camera size

Start : 
Move : Analog Stick or Dpad
Jump/Walljump : A
Throw Hat : X
Dive : Shoulder buttons / B
Settings : Back / Select

Move : Arrow Keys
Jump/Walljump : Up
Throw Hat : Z
Dive : X 

Some users reported that the game was running to fast for them, there's a number of things you can try to fix this;
- Toggle vsync in the settings (open settings menu with ESC).
- If you are using an Nvidia graphics card, try forcing V-sync on this game in the Nvidia control panel
- Try the installed version
- Update Mono : https://www.mono-project.com/docs/getting-started/install/windows/


.ZIP Click to run 15 MB
.ZIP with Installers 14 MB
.Zip with Debug version, to help identify any crashes 7 MB

Development log